Sterling Black | Loose Leaf

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Sterling Black | Loose Leaf

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Black Tea undergoes a full fermentation process composed of six basic steps: withering, rolling, sorting, fermenting, firing (or drying) and grading. Roll breaking cracks the surface of the leaf exposing the leaf's enzymes to air initiating oxidation. Oxidation is the process that results in the flavor profiles of Oolong and Black tea, which is often full-bodied and robust. Although it contains the highest amount of caffeine compared to the other tea types, it is still well below the amount found in coffee or sodas.



An organic blend of Rain Forest alliance Indian teas with a mild flavor and a distinguished aroma. Enjoy in the morning with a little milk.


Helpful information about BLACK TEAS:

Water Temperature 206F | Steep time | 3-5 minutes

4 ounces makes about 30 cups | 8 ounces makes about 60 cups

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