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Crimson Cheer | Loose Leaf


Those beverages that are brewed that do not contain the Camellia Sinensis (tea) plant are actually called Tisanes. Herbs, fruits, and plants are infused with hot water to create an appealing caffeine free drink that offers many natural health benefits.

Tisanes are a creative mix of herbs, spices, and/or fruits blended to provide a variety of flavors and health benefits. They are brewed like tea and are naturally caffeine free.


A rich hibiscus, raisins and berry blend laced with marigolds. Wonderful brewed hot or iced.

Helpful information about HERBAL TEAS:

Water Temperature 206F | Steep time | 5-7 minutes

4 ounces makes about 30 cups | 8 ounces makes about 60 cups


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