Gourmet DECAF Coffee


Gourmet DECAF Coffee

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Decaf Roasts & Flavors:


Bucaramanga | Our most popular roast-- These beans are a mild a smooth Columbian blend.

Espresso |  This roast has the same smooth taste as our house espresso... it just allows for a few more zZz's.

House Blend | Our signature roast. A perfect blend of the finest beans for a smooth, medium brew.


Creme Brulee | A sweet delectable treat... like a caramel kiss.

Hawaiian Hazelnut | a yummy island blend of coconuts and hazelnuts.

Hazelnut | A classic flavor that's smooth and nutty.

Irish Creme | Fill your pot with the luck of the Irish. This blend has notes of chocolate and vanilla.

Ja-makin-me-crazy | These beans have real bits of coconut blended together to create a creamy aromatic flavor. You'll be wishing you were living the island life when drinking this blend.

Mocha Hazelnut | A blend of rich chocolate paired with the toasted aroma of hazelnuts.

Oodles | This is our personal favorite and best seller. Oodles is a unique blend of cinnamon, chocolate with a delicate hint of nutty undertones. It's a staple to have in your coffee collection.

Pralines & Creme | This rich, creamy blend of pralines will have you wishing you were in New Orleans.

Southern Pecan | A southern favorite. This blend is smooth, creamy and full of wonderful nutty flavors.

Turtle Kisses | Creamy caramel and chocolate swirled together dipped in a heavenly aroma of pecans. YUM!

Vanilla Nut Creme | A unique blend of toasted nuts and hints of vanilla.

White Russian | Smooth notes of cream and chocolate.